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Superior Indoor Cycling Apparel

Rip up the rule books, there is no indoor season. Our unwavering dedication to indoor enables us to create garments that are solely focussed on the challenges of the indoor environment.

Whether for training, racing, to avoid bad weather or to join a growing community – we believe indoor cycling enriches cycling as a whole. Whatever your reason to ride indoors, your efforts should be supported by garments specifically designed to aid your performance.

Why do I need indoor specific cycling apparel?

Many of us have plenty of old cycling gear, cheap options or an ill-fitting t-shirt that we can use on the indoor trainer. Why not just wear that? When creating idō, we thought deeply about this – about the problem we are solving and the need we are fulfilling.

Cycling indoors is a completely different experience to outdoors and so the garments you wear should be suited to that environment. Whether your needs centre around performance or comfort, having the appropriate kit will always be the answer. To ride harder, faster, longer or simply without irritation is our ultimate goal.

We have created a highly technical collection that is light and breathable, that helps you perform and is supremely comfortable with no concession to style.

idō garments improve your indoor cycling experience in three core areas.

Born Indoors.
Designed in the UK. Made in Belgium.

idō was founded in the UK by passionate cyclists with a desire to improve performance and comfort for indoor cycling. Our mission is to deliver superior design, performance and results.

All of our products are researched, tested and developed in our state-of-the-art specialist facility. Backed by data and science, combined with the experience of pro athletes we have created a first collection of products that we strongly believe will enhance your cycling experience.

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